Josh Morrisey

Water Conservation at Manito Park

Josh Morrisey, City of Spokane Parks & Recreation, Marketing Assistant, 509.625.6236

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 4:49 p.m.

Water Conservation at Manito Park

Beginning in early March, residents may notice work going on along Grand Boulevard in Manito Park. With a goal of reducing water consumption, the project focuses on two updates:

  1. Irrigation Upgrades
    • Replacing antiquated, manually operated irrigation system with full automatic irrigation system, placing special focus on eliminating overspray onto Grand Blvd.
  2. Turf Conversion
    • Converting select turf area on the rocky slope between 19th and 20th to SpokaneScape: drought tolerant natural grasses and wildflowers.
    • Providing soft surface pathways through the new meadowland area for park users to stroll through the new plantings.
    • Preserving high-value turf between 19th and 20th for picnicking and grassy slope commonly referred to as the 'sledding hill'.

Once completed, the project is expected to reduce water usage in that area by 30%. Site preparation is to begin March 2 with anticipated completion in June. The project should not affect pedestrian access along Grand Boulevard

Questions? Contact us as or call 509.625.6200.

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