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Backyard Birding in Spokane

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 6:18 p.m.

Backyard Birding in Spokane

If you’re like a lot of Spokanites, you’re at home right now, and kudos to you for doing so if you’re able! Still, we at Parks & Rec understand being stuck at home can present a challenge for keeping one occupied. One remedy we humbly offer to you now: backyard birding! (or window birding if you don’t have a yard)

What’s birding?

So, what is birding? No, it’s not dressing up like a bird, though that does sound fun. Birding is the practice (and obsession to some) of finding, identifying, and studying birds while they’re out in nature doing their thing.

What Do You Need To Go Birding?

Well, you can get nerdy pretty fast if you want when it comes to birding gear, but for casual birding, all you need is your eyes, and/or your ears, and a reference resource.

If you have binoculars, then great, but if not, no worries, you can just use your peepers! If you have a bird identification book, then great, but if not, still no worries, there are online resources.

Free Birding Resources

Merlin Bird ID is a free app that helps you identify birds by simply answering a few questions about the bird you’re looking at.

Song Sleuth is another free app that helps you identify birds based on their song. I would've called it Tweeter...

eBird is a website that helps you identify birds using a checklist.

Attracting Birds

Want to get birds flocking to your yard? You can attract birds using different bird foods/feeders and certain plants — and different bird foods and plants attract different kinds of birds! Just know that the same things that attract birds can attract other animals that you may not be as enthusiastic about. Do your research first. Check out some handy tips for attracting birds courtesy of the Spokane Audubon Society!

Birds in Spokane

Our region is home to hundreds of species of birds, and while some of them prefer more wooded or aquatic habitats, there are many you can find right here in the city! How many can you find near your house or apartment? The only way to find out is to start backyard birding today!

Other Resources

Check out the Audubon Society or specifically the Spokane branch of the Audubon Society for more helpful information to aid in your new hobby!

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