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Park Like a Pro – Non-Passenger Vehicles

Jesten Ray, Parking Services Community Programs Coordinator, 509.625.6819

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 5:22 p.m.

Park Like a Pro – Non-Passenger Vehicles

Do you live in a City of Spokane neighborhood, have a RV, and are you getting ready to go on an adventure? As summer begins to wind down, many families are planning their last few trips of the season.  Preparations probably include food shopping, travel routes, and then the extra fun of “loading up” your RV. If your RV is parked in the street in front of your home, how long do you have to load?

  1. As long as you want
  2. 24 hours
  3. 4 hours
  4. None of the above

Give yourself a pat on the back if you chose "B" for 24 hours.

Recreational vehicles, along with trailers, boats and jet skis are classified as non-passenger vehicles and are governed by different parking rules. A non-passenger vehicle is only allowed to be parked on a neighborhood street for up to 24 hours when actively loading and unloading.

Originally, the Spokane Municipal Code allowed non-passenger vehicles four hours to park on a neighborhood street while actively loading and unloading. This was enough time in some cases, but was not enough for most people. In 2019, the Spokane Municipal Code was amended to allow non-passenger vehicles up to 24 hours to actively load and unload.

Your question may be, why? Parking on a public street is considered parking in the “right of way” which needs to be kept clear for City services such as garbage, recycling and yard carts or for snow removal in the winter. This can be a challenge or in some cases a safety hazard if non-passenger vehicles are parked for extended periods.

Keeping a non-passenger vehicle parked on the street for more than 24 hours in a neighborhood is a violation and could result in a warning or parking ticket. If the non-passenger vehicle remains on the street after receiving a ticket, it may be impounded.

For more tips on how to Park Like a Pro, visit the City’s parking webpage.

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