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Derelict Housing Program Fills Gaps

Michelle Girardot, Habitat for Humanity-Spokane, CEO, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 3:49 p.m.

Derelict Housing Program Fills Gaps
What is the need of the program and who does it serve?

Habitat for Humanity is providing lasting impact for neighborhoods and families through the Derelict Housing Acquisition and Homeownership Pilot Program. The program has two goals: Transformation of current housing stock and providing affordable homeownership to low-to-moderate income buyers.

The need for affordable homeownership and housing is growing in Spokane. Habitat for Humanity seeks to bring people together to build or rebuild homes, communities and hope. With the significant number of derelict homes in Spokane neighborhoods, Habitat for Humanity is piloting an acquisition program to rehabilitate, revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods and families through affordable homeownership. Habitat for Humanity relies on community partnerships to provide volunteer labor, professional expertise, in-kind and monetary donations. These partnerships allow Habitat for Humanity to keep homeownership affordable, which is crucial in a hot housing market.

Families earning below 80% of the area median income partner with Habitat for Humanity to become successful homebuyers and homeowners. With over 350 Habitat homes in the Spokane community, families have found strength, stability and self-reliance through the Habitat homeownership program.

The first is to meet the community priority of transforming derelict homes to remediate concerns of housing stock that have fallen into crime, neglect, blight, unsafe and unhealthy conditions into safe and affordable homes.

The second is to meet the community priority of providing increased affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program and list of qualified, low-to-moderate income buyers transformed into successful tax-paying homeowners.

Why is this program unique?

This program is unique because it brings a solution to several problems our community faces. We all want to live and work in thriving communities, but that hasn’t been available for everyone. We are changing that to allow families earning below 80% of the area median income to gain equity and build permanent affordability which strengthens communities, reduces gentrification and displacement.

What are the outcomes you are achieving with this program?

Habitat for Humanity aims to acquire, rehabilitate and sell 7-10 units annually within the Spokane City Limits. In addition, we hope to revitalize block by block in partnership with neighborhood residents and collaborative partners.

What are some specific needs your program needs to continue doing the work?

Habitat is in search of more units to purchase, rehabilitate and resell to qualified families. The increased costs of material, land, labor coupled with COVID-19 has made this work challenging. We need philanthropic support in the form of hands swinging hammers on our jobsites, cash and in-kind donations, and leads on possible units to purchase.

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