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New Study Reveal the “Scientific Truth about Waste-To-Energy”

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Coordinator, 509.625.6749

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 10:16 a.m.

New Study Reveal the “Scientific Truth about Waste-To-Energy”

The City of Spokane's Waste to Energy Facility has been the main solid waste disposal option for Spokane County since 1991. In its 30 years of operation, there have been myths and misinformation directed at this type of technology. A new study titled, “Scientific Truth about Waste-To-Energy” released by The City College of New York addresses those misconceptions.

The report confirms that Waste to Energy (WTE) plays a key role in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Every ton of waste processed in a WTE facility avoids a ton of CO2 equivalent emissions.

WTE also complements recycling efforts. In fact, communities in the US with WTE consistently have greater rates of recycling.

WTE facilities in the U.S. and globally are operating well within environmental standards. Data show their emissions are more than 70% below regulatory limits. While the facilities do have stacks, they are small contributors to local air pollution compared to other sources, including transportation.

The Scientific Truth about Waste-To-Energy report is the first of its kind to comprehensively review decades of studies on this industry. View the vetted and peer-reviewed report online.

The City of Spokane’s WTE facility processes up to 800 tons of trash every day and produces enough energy to power about 13,000 homes. Learn more about the City’s WTE facility on our website.

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