Jeff Humphrey

Police Target Abandoned Vehicles

Jeff Humphrey, Media Manager, 509.622.5868

Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:25 a.m.

The City of Spokane is stepping up enforcement of the rules that regulate long-term parking in our neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Resource Officer Jeremy Howe recently spent the day responding to parking complaints in Hillyard.

Howe locates a pickup, parked on a residential street, that’s missing its grill and windshield.

Howe learns the truck has not been registered since 2014 and wants his dispatchers to contact the owner.

“Can you see if you can call him and have him come out and talk to me? I should be in front of his house,” Howe asks of his dispatchers.

When the owner does not answer his phone, Howe calls for a tow truck, much to the relief of nearby neighbors.

“And all of these complaints are normally complaint-driven. They are given to us because it’s caused a problem for the neighborhood. Becoming a nuisance and so that’s why we come out here,” explained Officer Howe.

Spokane police feel abandoned vehicles can invite trash and vandalism.

“Many times we find some of these cars weren’t from that neighborhood at all. And they had been left there and now, all the windows are broken out, the tires are stripped off, and again, you’re looking out your front window at a hulk in your front yard, and that encourages more disorder in the neighborhood,” warned police Captain Mark Griffiths.

Officer Howe was preparing to tow away an abandoned camper, and attached car, when Twilla Marshall strolled by.

“And it’s been here, since I’ve been here. And probably longer,” Marshall said of the trash-filled vehicles.

Marshall can’t miss the car and RV during her daily walks with her dog Charlie Girl. Marshall is glad to see the illegally parked car and camper are getting removed from the neighborhood.

“Oh, it’s ugly and it’s a big mess and besides, the people it might bring, it attracts other critters we really don’t want around too,” added Marshall.

Not all illegally parked vehicles get towed away on the spot.

Howe found a motor home, parked on a city right-of- way, but because the rig is currently registered, it was posted with a 24-hour warning.

On the other hand, registered cars that appear to be violating parking rules get a three-day grace period before they’re subject to a $45 citation.

If you’re concerned about an illegally parked boat or vehicle in your Spokane neighborhood, call 311.     

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