Jeff Humphrey

Reserve Officers Back Spokane Police

Jeff Humphrey, Media Manager, 509.625.6308

Friday, October 1, 2021 at 9 p.m.

Like a lot of people, David Miller is holding down two jobs.

By day, Miller works as a regional sales rep, outfitting hospitals with medical supplies used during surgeries.

But at Miller’s other job, the 53 year-old serves his community as a reserve Spokane police officer.

“So much of this job is really connecting with people. And, being able to read a situation and really thinking logically, through a problem,” Miller said.

While on duty, Miller is always paired with a full-time officer. On a recent shift, Miller was teamed up with patrolman Xenon Berkeley.

“It is amazing, not only the training you receive as a reserve officer, going through the reserve academy,but then,also the fact, you’re never alone,” Miller stressed.

Miller is driving and Berkeley is riding shotgun, when the officers are dispatched to an armed robbery call on Sprague Avenue.

Once on scene, patrolmen worry the alleged male victim, who’s naked, is suffering from excited delirium.

Officers, including Reservist Miller,try to calm the man and get him the medical attention he needs.

Officer Miller even elects to ride with the victim in an ambulance, just to make sure everyone stays safe until they reach the hospital.  

“For me, It’s been really sobering  to see the some issues that our public faces and the way that the Spokane police comes along side them,” observed Miller.

Reserve officers are required to volunteer 20 hours of their time per month.

Miller feels he’s very fortunate to have an opportunity to have such a big, positive impact on the city his family calls home.

“The Reserve Program has different parts, which is working parades or supporting community events, which is really a good feeling, in giving back to the community. But, it also has the ability to go in and partner with an officer, like I’m doing tonight. And support them, and look to be another body there. And for me, I get way more out of it than I ever give,”

If you would like more information on becoming a reserve officer, go to the Spokane Police Department website and click on “Citizen Volunteer and Programs”.

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