Kirstin Davis

COMING SOON! New Parking Meters and Kiosks

Kirstin Davis, Communications Manager, Community & Economic Development, 509.625.7773

Friday, January 7, 2022 at 11:39 a.m.

COMING SOON! New Parking Meters and Kiosks

If you remember going from a flip phone to a smart phone, you will appreciate what’s coming to a parking meter near you! As the City prepares for an on-street parking makeover, new meters and kiosks are on their way and we are excited to show them off because we are confident it will provide a better parking experience.

Here’s how:

  • Payment Options: Meters and kiosks will accept credit/debit cards, coin, mobile and contactless payments for increased flexibility.
  • Better Visibility: Meters will be color coded according to time limits for better visibility. Customers will be able to see time remaining and receipt of any payment on the meter.
  • Space Makeover: Currently, there is a meter for every on-street parking space. Most of the new meters will be “dual-space” meaning there will be one meter for two spaces. This will remove almost half the meters within the downtown core. The unused posts will be removed or repurposed for bicycle racks!
  • Improved Service: With less devices, Parking Enforcement Specialists will be able to improve the health and safety of the community by having more resources to respond to unsafe violations.
  • Circle up the Kiosks:Outside of the downtown core most metered on-street parking spaces will be replaced with kiosks for every 6-8 parking spaces.

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