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Spokane Parks Releases Draft Dog Park Guidelines

Nicholas Hamad, Park Planning and Development Manager, City of Spokane Parks & Rec, 509.625.6200

Friday, September 23, 2022 at 2:49 p.m.

Spokane Parks Releases Draft Dog Park Guidelines

Updated Oct. 14, 2022

City of Spokane Parks & Recreation has drafted a dog park guidelines document to help guide the site selection, design, development and operation of future dog parks in the city. The public is invited to view the document and provide feedback through October 4.

As part of the preparation for the 2022 Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the City of Spokane conducted a survey on current park use and future park desires. About two-thirds of residents preferred that Parks add dog parks and off-leash areas in the next few years.

With the knowledge that the development of new dog parks is a community priority in the near term, Parks & Recreation developed the guidelines by researching award-winning dog parks and other municipalities who have successfully expanded their inventory of dog parks. In addition to using other communities as examples, guidelines include guidance from a local community project advisory committee and local community survey.

The guidelines document recommends the level of dog park service to be provided, the priority locations for future dog parks, as well as general, design and maintenance strategies for local dog parks. This document is intended to be used as a reference when the City is selecting and designing future dog parks.

View the dog park guidelines document and provide feedback through SurveyMonkey.

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