Jeff Humphrey

Abandoned Home Slated for Demolition

Jeff Humphrey, Media Manager, 509.625.6308

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 2:57 p.m.

City of Spokane Code Enforcement officers are getting rid of a high-profile eyesore along Nevada Street and, at the same time, creating new housing opportunities.

“Obviously the condition of the property is concerning to the City. There are a litany of violations present with the structure. If you were to take a look inside the house, you would see unlivable conditions. You would see an extensive about of garbage and debris,” detailed Code Enforcement officer Jason Ruffing.

Neighbors say the Liberty Avenue home has been rotting before their eyes for years. The property serves as a notorious landmark.

“The only thing that has been good about it is, I use it as a marker for giving people directions. That’s the only good thing about it,” lamented nearby resident Bambi Feehan.

Code Enforcement officers says they’ve spent the past six years trying to get the property owner to make improvements.

“A distressed property like this has a variety of impacts on the community. There’s an economic impact the neighbors feel, as far as property value assessments go,” Ruffing explained.

“They were stealing and just creating a very toxic environment for our children to be raised and for the families here,” added Feehan.

And that’s why the city of Spokane went to Superior Court and convinced a judge to place the property into receivership.

The large lot is now for sale. The home, slated for demolition.

“Obviously we don’t want properties to get to this state, we want them to be maintained. But, when they are not, it is exciting when there are some new and creative opportunities for the future,” emphasized Ruffing.

Because of recent changes in City development codes, those new opportunities include taking the derelict property, once zoned for a single-family home, and building new homes for several families.

“These are the ways we provide more housing across the City, one property at a time. You may see two units, a duplex, or under the code, it could be a fourplex,” predicted Spencer Gardner, City of Spokane Planning Director.

The developer who buys the lot will be responsible for demolition. And so soon, after six years of neglect, the property and its neighbors will have a new lease on life.

“Very happy, very happy. It will be nice to see it gone,” Feehan said with a smile.

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