Jerry Swanson

SPD Reserve Academy Starts June 5

Jerry Swanson, Public Information Assistant, 509.610.9451

Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 4:36 p.m.

Interested in helping your community and working alongside Spokane Police Officers? Consider being a Spokane Police Reserve Officer. Your opportunity is now! SPD is accepting applications for the next Reserve Academy which starts June 5, 2023.

The program is comprised of men and women who either aspire to be full-time police officers or want to serve in a part-time volunteer police capacity. Community members who volunteer their time as reserve officers fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time, sworn police officers. Reserve Officer Boblet is a current airline pilot and former fighter jet pilot, now serving the citizens of Spokane as a reserve officer.

Don’t miss out on the next the Spokane Police Department Reserve Academy coming up soon. If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Officer, please contact the Volunteer Services Unit at 509.363.8283!

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