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New Parking Payment Pilot Project to Launch in Two Areas

Luis Garcia, Parking Services Director, No Phone Number Available

Friday, September 22, 2023 at 2:26 p.m.

New Parking Payment Pilot Project to Launch in Two Areas

Updated February 7, 2024

UPDATE: The two locations where a pilot parking payment option featuring a mobile-payment-only option via a Parking Box was explored in late 2023 will feature permanent boxes in the 300 and 400 blocks of South Washington near Lewis-Clark High School. The boxes are solutions to parking locations that pose challenges that include a lack of sun and vandalism. Parking Boxes are also planned later this year for the following blocks that are under railroad viaducts or other locations where parking devices are not located: 100 S. Cedar; 100 S. Adams; 100 S. Jefferson; 100 S. Madison; 100 S. Lincoln; 100 S. Post; 100 S. Wall; 100 S. Howard; 100 S. Washington; 30 W. Pacific; 0 W. Pacific and 100 S. State.

The City of Spokane is piloting a new parking payment option in two areas that will have a mobile-payment-only option via a Parking Box. The pilot project will last from late September until the end of 2023.

The on-street locations will be 400 S. Washington, including 13 spaces on the east side of E.L. Hunter Field House, and 300 S. Washington, four spaces on the east side of Spokane Subaru. Each of the two locations will have one box.

The green Parking Box will replace meters and provide mobile payment information for parkers in areas just outside of the downtown core. The rates will be the same ($1/hr), plus the ParkMobile convenience fee of 35 cents.

Due to the inability to park in locations where meters are missing or out of commission, the Parking Box will allow for payment and increase available parking spaces while decreasing overhead costs for maintenance and upkeep of hardware.

The Parking Box will contain a QR code that allows for direct access to the ParkMobile application, where you can either download or use the application for payment. There is no fee to download the ParkMobile application.

If a user does not have a smartphone, there will be a phone number listed on the box where payment can be made with a debit or credit card with another type of phone.

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