Jerry Swanson

School Zone Safety

Jerry Swanson, PIO Assistant, Spokane Police, No Phone Number Available

Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 9:47 a.m.

Spokane Police and Spokane Public Schools want to remind you to slow down and be alert around schools when children are present. School principals say they regularly witness drivers speeding and exercising other bad driving habits around schools. While we were getting video for this story one driver was pulled over doing 40 miles per hour in a posted 20 mph school zone. Not only are people speeding, they are distracting student crossing guards and endangering them.

SPD’s Lt. Steve Braun says, “A particular concern has been reports that parents are driving around the 5th grade crossing guards and even yelling and using profanity.” Not only does this distract students, it sets a bad example for the children.

The safety of all the students must be paramount to all of us. This is a reminder to be patient and slow down around schools for the safety of the kids. If not, be warned, you could pay a hefty fine. Driving six to ten miles over the speed limit could cost you $243, and over 20 you face up to a $489 ticket.

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