Katie Kosanke

New Trees Planted at Downriver, Esmeralda, and Qualchan Golf Courses

Katie Kosanke, Urban Forester, 509.363.5496

Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:44 p.m.

New Trees Planted at Downriver, Esmeralda, and Qualchan Golf Courses

Downriver Golf Course, Esmeralda Golf Course, and The Creek at Qualchan Golf Course have received over 100 trees and 200 seedlings this spring and early summer with more planned in the future.

After losing trees in recent historic windstorms and pest outbreaks Downriver Golf Course received 17 new trees on April 16th, planted by Urban Forestry and Golf staff. Superintendent Ben Nelson selected western larch trees for these plantings as they are native to the area, display incredible seasonal color (vibrant green growth in the spring and yellow fall color), and are not susceptible to pine beetles. More plantings are coming to Downriver in the future with a substantial tree planting planned for fall.

Creek at Qualchan Golf Course received 85 large ponderosa pine trees, many of which were planted by volunteers, Urban Forestry and Golf staff. In addition, Spokane Ponderosa with the help of students from North Central High School planted nearly 200 pine seedlings. Superintendent Rob Decker placed most trees between the course and the highway to provide screening, visual barrier, and assist with buffering sounds to enhance the golf experience.

This latest effort to grow our urban canopy on golf course properties is a continuation of work that started in 2023 with 150 new seedlings planted at Esmeralda Golf Course.

Aside from aesthetic benefits, these new plantings will provide an array of environmental, social, economic, and human health benefits.

Don’t worry, golfers—the superintendents took special considerations to prevent your shots from being more difficult due to the new trees!

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