Spokane Police officers are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism to serve citizens and help make Spokane the safest city of its size. The Spokane Police Department has 356 commissioned positions, who are supported by an amazing group of civilian/non-commissioned staff. The City of Spokane is 76 square miles with an ever growing population. The Spokane Police Department is always looking for the best and brightest who are willing to serve their community in either a commissioned or non-commissioned capacity. Our pay rates and benefits are extremely competitive and we invite you to compare with other jurisdictions.

The mission of the Spokane Police Department is to demonstrate excellence in policing by working in partnership with the community we serve to:

  • Prevent and reduce crime, the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors.
  • Enforce laws while safeguarding the constitutional rights of all people.
  • Provide high quality police services to all of our residents and visitors through integrity, compassion, and a commitment to innovation.
  • Create a work environment in which we recruit, train, and develop an exceptional team of employees.

Integral to our commitment to community policing, we strive to build collaborative partnerships between law enforcement and the community we serve in order to develop solutions to problems and increase trust in police.

Department Demographics

As of June 8, 2023, the personnel data of the Spokane Police Department is:

Commissioned Officers: 342


  • 314 males
  • 28 females


  • 294 White
  • 21 Hispanic/Latino
  • 8 Other/Not Indicated
  • 6 Black/African-American
  • 5 Native American/American Indian
  • 4 Multi-Ethnic
  • 2 Asian
  • 1 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

Non-Commissioned Employees: 105 Full-time employees (excludes 16 temp-seasonal)


  • 37 males
  • 68 females


  • 94 White
  • 4 Other
  • 2 Hispanic/Latino
  • 2 Multi-Ethnic
  • 1 Asian
  • 2 Native American/American Indian
  • 0 Black/African-American
  • 0 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

SPD Jobs

Want more information about becoming a Police Officer for City of Spokane? Visit the Spokane PD recruitment website.

Contact Police

For in progress crimes and emergencies call 911

To report a non-emergent crime contact:

To provide crime activity or suspect information that doesn't require immediate action contact:

For general police email contact:

For nuisance reports, including code violations (i.e. illegal camping, substantial litter in yards or alleys, graffiti, land use violations), parking complaints, and road condition issues contact: