Infill Housing Strategies/Infill Development

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City Council Public Hearing
Infill Code Revisions – Attached Housing, Height, and Parking
6 p.m., Monday, January 14, 2019
Spokane City Hall – Council Chambers
808 West Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, WA

What's Happening Now

People need more affordably priced housing options in appropriate locations. In spring 2018, the City of Spokane proposed to allow narrower lots for townhouses, taller buildings, and related suggestions, on all types of property in defined higher-density residential zones as a new package of code amendments. Following public hearings in November, 2018, the City Plan Commission recommended approval of several changes for these high-density residential areas.

The changes concern new exceptions for height increases, and reduced regulation of lot layout and minimum parking requirements for development of attached single-family houses in the higher-density zones.

The proposed changes will address development of vacant lots and parcels in already built-up areas – also called "infill development." Current work also includes mapping tools and other resources to provide information about available land and benefits of development near built-up areas, as well as continued work on some of the recommended revisions to the Unified Development Code.


The City's Comprehensive and Strategic Plans encourage the development of more compact, affordable forms of housing and high-quality, diverse residential development. In 2016, a subcommittee of the Spokane City Plan Commission engaged a steering committee comprised of 16 developers, design contractors, community representatives, and leaders, to ask what changes are needed to encourage high-quality housing and commercial development in appropriate designated areas of Spokane. A series of 24 recommended actions provides a guide to address residential and commercial development on vacant lots in now built-up areas. The committee’s recommendations were adopted by Spokane City Council in November 2016. The City adopted a separate set of code amendments in early 2018 for cottage housing and other alternative residential development in Spokane’s lower-density residential areas.

Get Involved

The public is invited to participate by attending scheduled meetings and providing written comments throughout the process. City staff encourages the public to contact the Planning and Development Department for information.

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Contact Information

Written comments should be mailed, delivered, or emailed to:

Nathan Gwinn, Primary Contact
Assistant Planner
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99201-3329

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