Affordable Housing

Home Rehabilitation

Roof Repair

Loans of $10,000 - $30,000 to low-income (<80% AMI) homeowners for needed home repairs that address in-home health and safety deficiencies and reduce operating costs. Base program guidelines: loans below 100% combined loan-to-value, repair in-home health & safety hazards, and decrease home operating costs.

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Emergency Repairs

Hammer and Nails

Grants of $50 - $4,000 for small but critical repairs that allow low-income homeowners to safely remain in their home.

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Affordable Rental Housing Development (HOME Investment Partnership Program)

Home Improvement

Loans and forgivable loans of $75,000 or more to help for-profit and nonprofit housing developers purchase, repair, or construct affordable rental housing. Assisted housing units are subject to long-term federal restrictions on maximum household income and rent.

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Funding Opportunities

Each year, the City of Spokane invests over thirteen million dollars to foster economic development in services and housing to support extremely low to moderate income citizens, and to build neighborhoods through the Community Development Block Grant, HOME, Emergency Solutions Grant, McKinney Vento Homeless Grant, City of Spokane Homeless Initiatives, Housing & Essential Needs, and City of Spokane Human Services Grant. Please see the tabs above for the various currently open and past closed Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

CHHS Funding Cycle Changes
The Community, Housing and Human Services Department (CHHS) is currently implementing funding cycle changes intended to increase the stability and performance of funded projects, to establish strong connections with strategic plans and to drive systems level change. One of the most significant features of the changes is a shift to five-year funding for service-based projects, rather than one or two-year funding. The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the five-year awards is being planned for release in the fall of 2018, with the resulting grant awards starting July 1, 2019. The development of the five-year NOFA is being informed by three community workgroups currently meeting to identify opportunities, needs and service gaps related to the following topic areas: Food Security, Housing Stability & Community Support, and Workforce Development.
With questions, please contact us at or 509.625.6325.

Economic Development Tools
The City's economic development policy is to align public investments in neighborhood planning, community development and infrastructure development with private sector investments, resulting in increased opportunities for business growth and to provide its citizens with safe, affordable and quality residential living environments. The Public's investments includes incentives for the private sector as well as public investments.

An Economic Development Specialist will work with you to ensure your investment in Spokane is matched with all investment incentives available to your industry or property by connecting you with City, State, and Federal Assistance – contact them today 509.625.6597 or

Why More Housing?

Housing is a topic on the national stage, and our state and city are no different. The materials on this page aim to provide you with more information and snapshots of the housing market.

Access to a variety of housing options in Spokane helps people avoid being cost-burdened, or having to spend more than 30% of their income on housing. Housing choices lets people find the housing that fits their needs and provides diversity in size and style.