Affordable Housing

Home Rehabilitation

Roof Repair

Loans of $10,000 - $30,000 to low-income (<80% AMI) homeowners for needed home repairs that address in-home health and safety deficiencies and reduce operating costs. Base program guidelines: loans below 100% combined loan-to-value, repair in-home health & safety hazards, and decrease home operating costs.

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Emergency Repairs

Hammer and Nails

Grants of $50 - $4,000 for small but critical repairs that allow low-income homeowners to safely remain in their home.

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Affordable Rental Housing Development (HOME Investment Partnership Program)

Home Improvement

Loans and forgivable loans of $75,000 or more to help for-profit and nonprofit housing developers purchase, repair, or construct affordable rental housing. Assisted housing units are subject to long-term federal restrictions on maximum household income and rent.

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