What is it?

The Redevelopment is the comprehensive plan to update and improve Riverfront Park for the next generation. Riverfront Park is the former site of Expo '74 the World's Fair and is consistently ranked as one of the top tourist attractions in Spokane; however, it had not seen a significant upgrade in more than 40 years. That is until 2014, when Spokane citizens overwhelmingly approved a $64 million dollar bond to improve and redevelop the Park. The bond approval will not increase citizen taxes and will fund five major design elements:

The Latest

We are actively working to create your new Riverfront Park. In order to create a park which will be a fixture in our community for generations to come, strategic thought, detailed study and innovative design have been integrated into all phases of planning and design. Visit the individual pages for the five major design elements for the latest info on those projects.

View the latest Redevelopment Update here: