Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Spokane provides a comprehensive solid waste collection and disposal system that stresses the priorities of REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. Click on each to learn more.


Planning and shopping wisely avoids waste, saves money and sustains valuable resources. Other ways to reduce waste:

Stop Junk Mail

Over 100 million trees and over 28 billion gallons of water are used to produce one year’s worth of this country’s junk mail. Reduce the junk mail you receive by using the following free services. Each service is different, so using all three will give you the best results toward significantly reducing unwanted catalogs, retail promotions, credit card offers, insurance offers and other junk mail.

Free opt-out services

  • CatalogChoice is managed by a non-profit organization that works with over 8,000 companies to encourage them to voluntarily honor your opt-out requests. Use the service to stop unwanted mail and catalogs that you currently receive.
  • DMAchoice allows you to remove your name from the marketing lists of 3,600 companies and organizations that are members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). DMA represents about 80% of the total volume of marketing mail in the U.S., and they require their members to honor opt-out requests. Use the service to keep your name off future prospecting lists.
  • National Do Not Mail List is managed by a direct mail company. They offer a free online service to help you remove your name from marketing lists used by mass mailers. Use the service to keep your name off future prospecting lists.
  • allows you to remove your name from lists that the consumer credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion sell to companies for prescreened and preapproved credit card and insurance policy offers. The consumer credit reporting companies are required by law to honor your opt-out requests.

Will these services stop all junk mail?

While you can greatly reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by using opt-out services, you will not be able to stop all junk mail. Some mail is sent to all households in your area—such as political mail and advertisements from local stores, grocers, and restaurants. These offers may not have opt-out options.

You'll also continue receiving mail from companies that you currently do business with. To stop these types of offers, directly write or email each of the senders.

Stop phone book delivery

Use National Yellow Pages' Consumer Choice & Opt-Out to stop phone book deliveries to your home or business


Reusing products extends the life of that resource, reduces disposal costs and supports a significant local economy.

  • Sell items you no longer want and find bargains at consignment shops, garage sales, thrift stores, online exchanges and auctions like eBay and Craig's List.
  • Many organizations can use or recycle items you no longer want. Old towels, blankets, or sheets can now be taken to local organizations or dropped off in collections boxes to be turned into new products such as carpet padding, insulation, and wiping rags.


Spokane uses a single-stream recycling system, which allows significantly more recyclables to be collected curbside than ever before.

Each residential customer is provided with a 64-gallon rolling cart with handles – nicknamed "Big Blue" – to collect recyclables. The blue carts allow for fully automated collection, increasing efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Position your recycling cart at least 3 feet away from other collection carts or objects.

The recyclables that are collected are taken to a facility owned and operated by the private company, Waste Management, where they are sorted, processed and prepared for marketing. View the Smart Recycling page of their website.

Recycling pickup is weekly in the City of Spokane, with recycling collection the same day as garbage collection. See our map to find your collection day.

What's accepted:

Accepted Recyclables (PDF 701 KB)


  • Bottles & Jars (no lids)


  • Newspaper & phone books
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Magazines & catalogs
  • Printer paper & junk mail
  • Cereal, pop, and shoe boxes
  • Non-shiny paper products
  • Clean pizza boxes


  • Aluminum cans & foil
  • Tin, steel & metal cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Small pieces of scrap metal


  • Bottles, jars & tubs (no lids)

Don't put garbage, plastic bags, Styrofoam, food contaminated items, microwave trays, ceramics and dishes, light bulbs, window glass and mirrors, hazardous waste containers, syringes, un-numbered plastics, lids, sharp metal, metal or plastic clothes hangers, shredded paper, coated or laminated paper products, electronics or batteries in your recycling cart.

Other tips:

  • Household batteries can be placed in a clear plastic bag and placed on top of the Single Stream Recycling Cart lid.
  • If you have more recycling than can fit in your cart, please hold onto it until the next week.
  • Call 509.625.7894 to schedule a one-time courtesy pickup for up to one (1) yard of moving boxes and packing paper. All clean recyclable moving materials in excess of one (1) yard will be picked up at the single stream recycling loose yardage rate.

Customers can drop off recyclables at the Waste to Energy Facility or Transfer Stations for free. Visit the Disposal page for more information.

Missed? The City of Spokane Solid Waste Collection is dedicated to providing efficient and friendly service. If for some reason we have missed your collection, please call us immediately at 311, or for outside city limits, 509.755.CITY (2489) and we will make every effort to return within the same day or the next to remedy this situation.

Commercial Recycling:

Our commercial single stream recycling customers include businesses, schools, and most multi-family buildings. This service collects the same materials as the residential service. Commercial customers can choose recycling carts or dumpsters for their recycling needs. More information is available on our Commercial Services pages.

Waste Reduction Podcast Series

Talking Trash Podcast

Waste Disposal Directory

For items that aren't accepted at the curb or at transfer stations, check out the comprehensive waste disposal and recycling directory that is maintained by the EnviroCertified Program.

Master Composter/Recycler Class
The City helps to support the Spokane County Master Composter/Recycler Program. The next class, whether in person or virtual, is scheduled for the end of March, 2021. For more information, call 509.625.6580.