Curbside Composting

Food & Yard Waste Collection

Spokane has a comprehensive solid waste system, including an optional service to pick up yard waste and food scraps at the curb. Visit our Food & Yard Waste Collection page for more information.

Home Composting

To learn more about composting at home, composting with worms, and more, you can take free online classes at Solid Waste Courses (

The Benefits of Composting at Home

Composting food, yard, and garden waste at home helps you:

  • Produce your own rich, beneficial soil additive
  • Discard less garbage and pay lower garbage bills
  • Return nutrients to the soil such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and boron
  • Reduce your dependency on chemical fertilizers
  • Conserve earth's resources
  • Protect and improve your environment

The Green Zone Home Composting Demonstration was developed as an educational display about home composting for Spokane area residents. This is a year-round working site, featuring many different types of home compost bins containing yard debris and kitchen vegetable waste in various stages of decomposition.

The Green Zone campus is located at 210 & 222 N. Havana, on the properties of the Spokane County Conservation District and the WSU Spokane County Cooperative Extension Service.

Download our Home Composting Brochure (PDF 1.6 MB).

Worm Composting

Worm Composting can convert kitchen vegetable wastes into a rich organic fertilizer for house and garden plants.

A worm composing system can be easily started by following these steps: Choose a proper location for them, make a worm bin to hold them, add proper bedding, add the right worms, feed them what they can eat.

Download our Composting with Worms Brochure for easy to follow instructions for composting with worms.

Outdoor Composting

Spokane County Master Composters/Recyclers

Interested in learning more about home composting? Learn how to be a Master Composter/Recycler for Spokane County on the Spokane County website.

Dropoff Composting

Information about disposal locations, hours, fees, and materials accepted can be found on our Disposal locations page.


All green waste from your curbside green bin is sent to a commercial compost facility near Fishtrap, WA called Barr-Tech. They produce usable compost that can be purchased at local stores. Check their website to find the location closest to you.

Items of Interest

Become a Master Composter/Recycler!
Basics of Home Composting Class

Can't get enough of composting? Watch more videos and read more handouts about composting in your own backyard. Check out our free composting class.

Composting Bin