Composting is a natural form of recycling that takes ordinary organic waste and transforms it into a soil amendment that improves the health of plants. In Spokane, there are several ways to make sure your organic material is composted:

  • Subscribe to Clean Green collection through your service provider. View the Food and Yard Waste Page under Residential Services for more information.
  • Self-haul organics to the Clean Green area of any of three transfer stations. See the Disposal page for details.
  • Home Composting. Build your own back yard composting system. Here's a brochure (PDF 1.6 MB) to help you get started.

Composting for Beginners

The Benefits of Composting at Home

Composting food, yard, and garden waste at home helps you:

  • Produce your own rich, beneficial soil additive
  • Discard less garbage and pay lower garbage bills
  • Return nutrients to the soil such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and boron
  • Reduce your dependency on chemical fertilizers
  • Conserve earth's resources
  • Protect and improve your environment

The Green Zone Home Composting Demonstration was developed as an educational display about home composting for Spokane area residents. This is a year-round working site, featuring many different types of home compost bins containing yard debris and kitchen vegetable waste in various stages of decomposition.

The Green Zone campus is located at 210 & 222 N. Havana, on the properties of the Spokane County Conservation District and the WSU Spokane County Cooperative Extension Service.

Worm Composting

Worm Composting can convert kitchen vegetable wastes into a rich organic fertilizer for house and garden plants.

A worm composing system can be easily started by following these steps: Choose a proper location for them, make a worm bin to hold them, add proper bedding, add the right worms, feed them what they can eat.

Download our Composting with Worms Brochure (PDF 528 KB) for easy to follow instructions for composting with worms.

Vermicomposting 101

It's the Tea! Brewing Your Own Compost Tea

Master Composters/Recyclers Program

Volunteer Master Composters/Recyclers play an active role in teaching Spokane area citizens how to reduce waste through recycling and home composting.

New volunteers attend Master Composter/Recycler training sessions in the spring to prepare them to promote the practice of home composting and recycling throughout the Spokane community. Master Composters/Recyclers are asked to contribute 40 hours of service, after their training, to inform and encourage others to compost food and yard waste at home and recycle more. In addition to their free training, each Master Composter/Recycler is provided with a compost bin, reference books, and instructional materials.

Community gatherings such as compost fairs at Finch Arboretum provide the Master Composter/Recycler graduates with opportunities to share their enthusiasm. A composting exhibit trailer and an active compost pile are set up to provide visual aids and actual demonstration opportunities while Master Composters/Recyclers answer questions and hand out literature. Some of their most effective work is done at these gatherings as well as talking to friends and neighbors. They are also available to give presentations at schools, churches, service clubs, garden clubs etc.

Master Composters/Recyclers who prefer to work out of the public eye participate through organizational work or distributing brochures to libraries, nurseries, garden stores, etc.

This successful Master Composter/Recycler Program has been in effect since 1988. Every year the list of volunteers completing the program continues to grow and community outreach increases. For more information and to learn about signing up for the next class, call the Recycling Information line at 509.625.6580.

Items of Interest

Spring Compost Cancelled
The Spring Compost Fair scheduled for Saturday, April 25, at John A Finch Arboretum has been cancelled. Activities and compost bin distribution is planned for the Fall Compost Fair and Leaf Festival on October 24. Call 625.6580 or email for more information.

Master Composter/Recycler Class
The City helps to support the Spokane County Master Composter/Recycler Program. Due to health concerns related to COVID 19, the annual training for the 2020 class has been postponed to September. For more information, call 509.625.6580.