Every Other Week Residential Recycling

Use this website to help keep track of your curbside collection week for recyclable materials. The current week (A or B) will show on the left, under the heading "Current Week". You can use the residential address lookup tool below to find your pickup day and week. Just enter your address in the box below the map and press the "Address Lookup" button. Your pickup day and week will show in the boxes above the map after you lookup your address. For more information about every other week recycling collection visit this page.

Address Lookup Tool

Enter an address, use your current location, or move the pin.

Please Remember: Clean Recyclables Only

Larger Recycling Carts

What you need to know
Larger, 90-gallon recycling carts can be delivered to residents who have determined they need more room for their recyclables as a result of the City of Spokane's new every other week recycling collection schedule. Customers who need a larger cart to manage their recyclables on the new schedule can call 3-1-1 or place an online request.

Making Room in Big Blue

Now that the City of Spokane has gone to picking up your recycling cart every other week, you might be worried about everything fitting. Here are some tips on how to make more room in your cart so you can make it until your next pickup day.

Recycling Calendar