Community Canopy

Community Canopy is a tree care education partnership of the cities of Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, Spokane and the Spokane County Conservation District, with assistance from the University of Idaho Extension and Washington State University Extension. The goal of Community Canopy is to have healthy and sustainable community forests to provide maximum environmental and visual benefits.

To move toward having healthy trees that are growing toward maturity, Community Canopy's emphasis is on planting trees correctly, providing adequate water, and protecting trees from damage by turf equipment, including mowers and weed whips.

Community Canopy provides exhibits, workshops, and in-the-field training for turf and landscape care workers. Through the assistance of a Tree Care Educator and the Extension Master Gardeners, information and educational opportunities are also offered to churches and homeowners associations.

Downtown Spokane Partnership

Visit the Downtown Spokane Partnership website

The Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) is a private, non-profit membership organization that serves as Spokane's central city advocate and service provider, dedicated to enhancing the quality and vitality of Downtown Spokane as the basis for a healthy region.

The DSP accomplishes its mission through advocating for public policies, business and project development, quality planning, physical improvement projects, public safety, beautification, and marketing programs that ensure Downtown's continued success

The DSP envisions an exciting, attractive, and productive Downtown, providing employment and living opportunities, unique shopping, entertainment, cultural events, and recreational activities integrated with surrounding neighborhoods. Ultimately, Downtown would be a destination for people, drawing visitors from within the greater Spokane region and beyond.

The Lands Council

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Organized in 1983 by John Osborn, with the goal of protecting the land he called home, The Lands Council is a local grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the quality of life in the Inland Northwest.

Since then, the Lands Council has worked with its citizens' membership to protect thousands of acres of public land and to preserve the forests, water and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action and community engagement.

Through their various programs, they educate the public about forest ecology and how to become involved in decision-making about our public forest lands. The Lands Council advocates for forest ecosystems by using science, collaboration, and citizen participation to work towards ecologically sustainable management of our Inland Northwest National Forests. Additionally, the organization plans special events to engage the public to assist in this common goal.

Spokane County Conservation District

Visit the Spokane County Conservation District website

The mission of the Spokane Conservation District (SCD) is simple: promote the sustainable use of natural resources within Spokane County.

Conservation districts were formed on a national level following the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and are tasked with providing technical assistance and educational tools to help landowners manage and protect land and water resourced.

The SCD's responsibilities include:

  • Conduct education and demonstration projects
  • Carry out improvements to conserve natural resources
  • Cooperate or enter into agreements with others, including other districts
  • Make equipment and materials available to landowners to assist them in conserving natural resources
  • Prepare and maintain a long-range and annual work plan
  • Hold public hearings, annual meetings, and perform other actions to keep citizens and agencies informed

Additionally, SCD holds an annual Tree and Shrub sale in the spring – offering bulk seedlings to homeowners at reasonable prices and, on occasion, a Fall Reforestation Sale – offering plugs of Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine and Western Larch for restoration projects.

Spokane Parks Foundation

Visit the Spokane Parks Foundation website

In January 1951, a group of community-minded individuals concerned about the future of the City's park system began working on an idea to assure its future maintenance and growth.

With more than sixty years of activity, the Foundation can boast a proud history of investing in greater Spokane.

Today, the Spokane Parks Foundation is involved in projects not only in City of Spokane parks and recreational facilities, but also throughout all of Spokane County.

As an independent, non-partisan advocate, the Spokane Parks Foundation is able to fill the gaps between what Spokane parks need to thrive and what annual budgets can provide. The Spokane Parks Foundation currently serve 110 parks – providing the funding to ensure that everyone can enjoy these valuable community assets for generations to come.

The Susie Forest

Visit the Susie Forest website

It started out small, three trees planted in 2003. Since then, The Susie Forest has grown to over 300 trees, and not just in Spokane, but all over the world.

The Susie Forest is a living, growing, legacy to Nancy MacKerrow's daughter Susie and her commitment to creating livable communities. Susie was a bicyclist, an environmentalist, an activist, and a world traveler. She was dedicated to educating others about bicyclist and pedestrian safety, and she was killed in 2002 after being struck by a bus while legally walking across the street in St. Louis.

Nancy started The Susie Forest for three reasons:

  1. To honor Susie by planting trees for her.
  2. To honor Susie by helping others plant meaningful trees.
  3. To honor Susie by continuing her activism.

Each tree planted is a reminder that life goes on and starts anew, and except for the two trees planted every year on Susie's birthday and the anniversary of her death, every tree planted in The Susie Forest is associated with someone else. Whether it is to celebrate the birth of a newborn or a special anniversary, as a memorial for someone else taken too soon, or to celebrate a reading program at a local library or school, each Susie tree is deeply rooted in a personal connection.

These tree plantings provide an opportunity for people to commemorate an event or a person through celebration and/or to further the healing process in times of grief. At each planting, participants write their thoughts on tree-grams that are hung on the tree and everyone has a chance to enjoy Nancy's famous Tree-Kibble cookies.

Visit The Susie Forest Blog or contact Nancy MacKerrow for more information about planting a tree to honor your loved one or special event.

WSU Extension - Spokane County Forestry & Natural Resources

Visit the WSU Extension - Spokane County Forestry & Natural Resources website

We are locally-based Washington State University faculty and staff dedicated to providing objective, research-based information and resources to forest and woodland owners in the NE and SE Washington areas. This program serves Spokane, Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreille counties in the northeast corner of the state, as well as Columbia, Garfield, and Asotin counties in the Blue Mountains. WSU Extension has additional forestry programs that serve other parts of the state.

We offer a variety of forestry classes, publications, and online resources that are designed for people with just a few acres of woods as well those with larger forests or tree farms. Whether you are interested in a healthy forest, fire protection, wildlife, timber production, the beauty and aesthetics of a natural area, or some combination thereof, we have research-based answers to help you get the most out of your property.

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Phone: 509.363.5495
Fax: 509.325.6205

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