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Thank you for visiting My Spokane, the online customer service entry to The website includes information about City services, including contact information, reporting tools, and news and blogs. The site is fully searchable using the tool in the upper right corner of every page.

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What Is My Spokane 311?

The benefit of My Spokane-311 is right there in our mission: knowledgeable, friendly, and quality service with one call, one click, or one visit. We understand that some folks like to talk to someone over the phone while others would rather use their mobile device. Others still prefer to connect in person. Doesn't matter to us – we just want to help!

My Spokane-311 is the face and voice of Customer Service for the City of Spokane. 311 is the quick dial number citizens within City of Spokane limits should use to receive help on a variety of requests. In addition to our 311 call representatives, we also have representatives that respond to your emails, and online requests. If you just want to speak to someone in person, we have staff at the My Spokane public counter on the first floor of City Hall. All customer service representatives are cross-trained to handle your needs, no matter how you want to share with us.

Why did we centralize all these customer service functions to My Spokane-311? We wanted to make things easier for you, the customer. Government can be confusing and it's not always clear who the right department is to fix a problem. This can result in being transferred around, wasting your time and causing frustration. By centralizing to one phone number that's easy to remember, 311 takes the guesswork out of fixing problems. We can help directly with most issues and if we can't, we at least know who has the answer and can get you to the right place. And most importantly, we do it with a smile!

Call or visit 311 for the following services:

  • Utility Billing: My Spokane-311 can answer questions on your utility bill, help make payment arrangements, take your payment at our public counter or help you set-up an online account to pay, and process requests such as closing bills and water turn-offs.
  • Solid Waste Collection with residential garbage services: if you need to change your cart size, want to add yard waste, or want to know if that plastic jug is recyclable, we're the place to call.
  • Register for a Parks and Recreation class.
  • Report a pothole or other road hazard: we take calls for Streets so they can focus on dispatching crews to fix the problem.
  • Code and Parking Enforcement needs: If you need to report a parking violation, some graffiti, or an illegal garbage dump, we will take your information and get a case started.

Or maybe your issue isn't one of these, but you still have a question or problem. Give us a call at 311 and we'll help you out.

Have an issue, but don't live within city limits? That's okay, you can still reach us at 509.755.CITY (2489).

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Have a question? Need Assistance? We're here to help, call us at: 311, or for outside city limits, 509.755.CITY (2489)