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2022-2023 Update

This effort included an updated project list, cost estimates and a rate schedule. Staff worked with the Transportation Impact Fee Advisory Committee from November 2022 through January 2023. A Plan Commission workshop was held Feb. 8, 2023 followed by a hearing on Feb. 22, 2023. City Council approved ordinance C36368 on March 13, 2023, adopting the maps and fees associated with Option 7.


On November 17, 2008 City Council adopted the original Ordinance No. C34305 establishing transportation impact fees and adopting Chapter 17D.030 to Title 17 of the Spokane Municipal Code. The Ordinance was conditioned upon: (1) Completion of a Baseline Study; (2) Adjusted impact fee rate schedules, if warranted by the Baseline Study; and (3) Adoption of permanent funding mechanism to supplement the City's ability to eliminate existing transportation deficiencies. The final amended Impact Fee ordinance C34673 was passed on Feb 10, 2011.

In 2017 the City formed the Transportation Impact Fee Advisory Committee to assist with an update to the code. The efforts of the committee are documented on the Transportation Impact Fee Advisory Committee's page. Their work resulted in several modifications to the code including a new West Plains District, additional credits for bike/pedestrian friendly development, an update to the fee structure and a new improvement project list. Ordinance C35811 was adopted by City Council in September 2019 and went into effect on November 4th, 2019.

Transportation Impact Fee Credits

The City may allow credits against transportation impact fees for system improvements or property dedication. Please work with developer services staff members to determine if your project is eligible. The form can be filled out by the applicant or city staff.

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