Current Codes

For more details on adopted codes, see Spokane Municipal Code, Title 17F

2021 International Building Code (IBC) with ICC/ANSI A 117.1-2017

  • Appendix E Supplementary Accessibility Requirements

2021 International Existing Building Code

2021 International Residential Code (IRC)

(except Part IV-Energy Efficiency, Part VII-Plumbing and Part VIII-Electrical)

  • Appendix AF Radon Control Methods
  • Appendix AQ Tiny Homes
  • Appendix AWU Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinkler Systems

2021 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC)

2021 International Wildland-Urban Interface Code

2021 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)

  • Chapter 51-56 WAC and Chapter 51-67 WAC and the additions, deletions and amendments set forth in this chapter.
  • Chapters 12 and 15 and all provisions regarding combustion air and venting of appliances in Chapter 5 of the UPC are deleted; and the sections of the code pertaining to building sewers were not adopted.
  • Appendices A, B, I, and M of the UPC are adopted as part of the code.

2021 International Mechanical Code Chapter 51-52 WAC

2023 National Electrical Code

The rules and regulations of the State Department of Labor and Industries, contained in Chapter 296-46B WAC (except WAC 296-46B-900, WAC 296-46B-905 and WAC 296-46B-910) are adopted as amendments and interpretations of the National Electrical Code.

2021 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

2021 International Fire Code (IFC) Chapter 51-54 WAC

(additional amendments to the IFC can be found in Spokane Municipal Code, 17F)

2021 National Fuel Gas Code ANSI 223.1/NFPA 54

2021 International Fuel Gas Code

2017 Liquefied Petroleum Code NFPA 58

Zoning and Unified Development Code (UDC)

Each piece of property within the City of Spokane has a specific zone assigned to it. The zoning category determines what uses are allowed on the property. To find the zoning a piece of property, click here: Spokane GIS – CityMap. The City of Spokane consolidates all of the development regulations and guidelines into a Unified Development Code (UDC) found in Spokane Municipal Code Title 17.

The UDC, or “Zoning Code”, contains the descriptions of the City's zoning categories, the uses allowed,, and the development standards for each zone. The development standards provide information such as required building setbacks, height limitations, lot coverage, landscaping requirements, and parking ratios. A quick summary of allowed uses for each zone is available here.

"Unified Development Code (UDC) Title 17
Description Reference Effective
Administrative 17A 3/30/05
Comprehensive Plan and Sub-area Plans 17B 3/30/05
Land Use Standards 17C 6/14/06
Residential Zones (SMC 17C.110)
Description Reference Effective
Residential Zones – RSF, RTF, RMF, RHD, RA 17C.110 6/14/06
Residential Zones – Primary Uses (table) 17C.110.100 6/14/06
Residential Zones – Development Standards 17C.110 6/14/06
Center and Corridor Zones (SMC 17C.122)
Description Reference Effective
Center and Corridor Regulations – CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4 17C.122 2/07/06
Center and Corridor – Primary Uses (table) 17C.122.070 2/07/06
Center and Corridor Design Standards File (PDF 1.4 MB) 8/11/02
Downtown Zones (SMC 17C.124)
Description Reference Effective
Downtown Zones – DTC, DTG, DTU, DTS 17C.124 1/16/10
Downtown Zones – Primary Uses (table) 17C.122.070 1/16/10
Revised Design Review Application Handbook File (PDF 1.8 MB) Feb. 2012
Downtown Design Guidelines File (PDF 3.2 MB) 12/14/09
Updated Downtown Zoning Map Map (PDF 1.3 MB) 12/14/09
Downtown Character Area Considerations File (PDF 575 KB) 12/14/09
Complete Streets Map Map (PDF 280 KB) 12/14/09
Industrial Zones (SMC 17C.130)
Description Reference Effective
Industrial Zones – LI, HI, PI 17C.130 12/15/05
Industrial Zones – Primary Uses (table) 17C.130.100 12/15/05
Industrial Zones – Development Standards 17C.130.210 12/15/05
Other UDC Chapters
Description Reference Effective
Administration and Procedures 17G 3/30/05
City-wide Standards 17D 3/30/05
Environmental Standards 17E 3/30/05
Engineering Standards 17H 6/29/06
Engineering Standards 17I 3/30/05
Public Works Standards Title 13 11/28/07
Shoreline Management 17E.060 10/27/82
Sign Code 17C 8/05/09

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