Center and Corridor Incentives

The City of Spokane's Comprehensive Plan contains a fundamental strategy for Spokane's physical, economic, and social growth. The plan's "Centers and Corridors" growth strategy directs growth to specific mixed-use centers (neighborhood, district, and employment) and corridors in the City. The Central Business District (downtown) is also a center. These areas are intended to:

  • Bring employment, shopping, and residential activities into shared locations,
  • encourage economic activity through new development and rehabilitation, and
  • make Spokane a dynamic and healthy urban center.
  • Development incentives to encourage growth in center areas include:
  • Mixed-use and higher density development
  • Broadest range of housing options
  • Reduced parking requirements
  • Increased floor area, building heights, and lot coverage
  • Reduced setback requirements
  • Credits for shade trees, and
  • Lower transportation LOS requirements

More information is available here (PDF 92 KB)

Some of these incentives are available only in specifically designated areas and many are available citywide. Your project may benefit from a combination of incentives whose target areas all overlap, as depicted in this map (PDF 491 KB).