Residential Permit Process

Interested in building a new home or expanding your existing home? See categories below to learn more about the permits and approvals required and the applications for each type of project.

Determine if you reside in the City or County

  • Determine if you live in the City of Spokane or Spokane County:
    • When your mailing address includes the name of Spokane as your city, it does not necessarily mean that your property actually lies within the city limits. Your property might be miles beyond the boundary of the city limits and still be identified as "Spokane", since it could still be inside Spokane County. To help you determine if your property is inside Spokane City limits or outside, you can use online search tools to help you.
    • Another easy way to determine your property's location and get access to a tremendous amount of information is using helpful tools on Spokane County's website. Visit Spokane County's site and click the SCOUT Property Dashboard tile. Enter your property address and you will see all the information relevant to your property. When you click each tile you get the contact information for the appropriate agencies and services.

Building, expanding or relocating a home

Inside the home

Outside the home

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