Business Climate

Spokane Assets

Strong Leadership

The Joint Administration/Council 6-Year Strategic Plan is a transparent, outcomedriven plan that strategically advances the city's economic vitality with one vision, one plan, and one voice. The plan provides a road map for delivering a safer, smarter, and healthier Spokane.

Talented Workforce

There is a reason why Spokane is attractive to outside industry. Unlike so many mid-sized cities, Spokane does not have a middle-skill gap. Spokane houses two community college campuses and five major universities with more than 40,000 students.

Investment Certainty

The community has planned for your type of business in the city. Zoning is established, design standards are clearly defined, and a package of incentives and criteria are set, providing you certainty.

Commited Community Investment with You in Mind

You will reap the rewards of a community and voters who are committed to investing in the City of Choice. Recently, Spokane voters approved a $178 million investment in additional street and park improvements. As part of the Joint Strategic Plan, the City has made additional commitments for $51.9 million in investments into the Urban Experience, Safety and Health, and Sustainable Resources. You will benefit from an integrated capital investment approach to infrastructure management that maximizes taxpayer dollars.

A Specialist Working For You

The City provides a dedicated specialist to work directly with you to help meet your needs for placement or expansion. Such a high level of direct customer service cannot be matched!

30-Day Permitting Process!

We provide a free pre-development conference. Following intake of your application, we pride ourselves on taking no more than 30 days, in most cases, from intake to building permit!

Contact Information

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Economic Development Specialist at: