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Development Strategy

Invest With Us!

The City's economic development policy is to align public investments in neighborhood planning, community development and infrastructure development with private sector investments, resulting in increased opportunities for business growth and to provide its citizens with safe, affordable and quality residential living environments. The Public's investments includes incentives for the private sector as well as public investments.

What we do

Help align public investments in:

  • neighborhood planning,
  • community development, and
  • infrastructure development with private sector investments

Grow new and expand business activity within the City:

  • spurring additional economic growth,
  • providing living wage jobs,
  • improving neighborhoods,
  • enhancing the standard of living of all citizens; and,

Facilitate the investment of public resources:

  • achieving the outcomes within the public interest in a predictable, transparent, and accountable manner

How we do it

Target Investment Areas

Target investment areas are chosen by looking at four main criteria: community opportunity and support, what the city has done or hopes to do in areas of infrastructure and capital investments, incentives available, and how much continued resources and staff support would be needed. This approach allows us to tailor incentives to each.

Public Development Authorities (PDAs)
Tax Increment Financing Districts

The City has created the West Quadrant Tax Increment Financing District to assist in prioritizing neighborhood public improvements on the North Bank of the Spokane River.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

The City has worked with community partners to create BIDS which fund a variety of programs and services. The BID collects an annual assessment from business and property owners within the district to provide funding for these programs and services.

  • Downtown BID
  • East Sprague BID

The City has created multiple local investment incentives to assist your project– for more information visit our Incentives page.

City's Comprehensive Plan

The city's role in economic development involves providing public sector advocacy and investment in support of quality job creation and retention, diversification, and wage levels. The city's Comprehensive Plan lays the foundation for economic development.

Strategic Plan

The Joint Administration-Council 6-Year Strategic Plan is a transparent, outcome-driven plan that strategically advances the city's economic vitality with one vision, one plan and one voice. The plan started with a conversation about jobs and economic growth and quickly developed into a roadmap for delivering a safer, smarter and healthier Spokane. It aligns closely to the comprehensive and neighborhood plans, and is based on priorities established by years of public engagement.

Workgroups, led by Council and Administration chairs, have prioritized the near-term strategies into 2-Year Action Plans as part of the full 6-Year Plan. A Community Investment Plan outlines $51.9 million in catalytic investments that furthers a strategic outcome, relies on one-time money without adding ongoing cost, keeps the investment source healthy, and returns additional revenue or a cost reduction.

Contact Information

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