Information for Community Members on Youth Homelessness

2016 System-Wide Data

In 2016, the homeless system served 834 households where the head of household was aged 13-24. Those 834 households represent 1,171 individual people.

2016 System-Wide Data

2017 Point In Time Count Data

The PIT Count showed an increase in youth counted than in 2016, which can be attributed to closer coordination with youth service providers and youth-specific outreach teams. That information is as follows:

Unaccompanied youth households
Parenting youth households

Some Additional Facts (from the following sources: Spokane Regional Health District, 2015 Violence Against Children Report, and the Homeless Management Information System):

  • In 2015, Spokane County accounted for 5,431 victims of child abuse - this is significantly higher than Washington's rate and similar counties.
  • Students with abuse history were 2.4 times more likely to be failing in school and 4.3 times more likely to report a low quality of life.
  • Washington State Department of Commerce reports 13,000 homeless unaccompanied youth and young adults in 2016.
  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction reported 40,000 homeless school age children in 2016 state wide.

Who are our homeless youth?

A snapshot of who the youth experiencing homelessness are in Spokane County:

Demographic Information
Demographic Info
Residence Prior to Homelessness
Residence Prior to Homelessness

Community Engagement Opportunities

  1. Safe Families for Children
  2. Become a foster home for youth the child welfare system
  3. The Jonah Project
  4. Crosswalk Youth Shelter
    • Volunteer or provide a meal for youth at this 24/7 shelter and day center
    • Phone: 509.838.6596
    • Email:
  5. Cup of Cool Water
    • Become a volunteer outreach worker, drop-in volunteer, or help teach a class at this day center for at-risk and homeless youth
    • Visit to learn more

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