Sub-Populations Overview

The causes of homelessness, and the specific housing and service needs of individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness, vary and often can be defined within certain sub-populations. As such, the homeless services are divided by “sub-populations” in order to better meet the targeted needs of each community member experiencing homelessness. For example, the needs of a young person are different than someone who has been homeless for thirty years or someone with severe disabilities or a family with small children. Our service system aims to address each of these groups with interventions and support services that meet their various needs specifically. For this purpose, Spokane’s services are predominantly identified as addressing needs of unaccompanied youth, veterans, chronically homeless individuals, and families with children. This work creates an improved homeless service system that more effectively provides services, support, and housing to all sub-populations within the Spokane area’s homeless community, with a primary focus on moving individuals and families out of homelessness. The ultimate goal of the Spokane and Spokane County Continuum of Care is a homeless services system that achieves reduction in new instance of, length of, and returns to homelessness, and meets the varying needs of these homeless sub-populations.

Information about and for each specific sub-population can be found within these pages. This information is not exhaustive but can serve to highlight key initiatives, information, and support available. For local data and statistics, please see our data tab or the City of Spokane's Community, Housing, and Human Services Department's HMIS page.

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Updated on July 08, 2024