Logan Neighborhood Apartment Fire

Tour Commander, 509.625.7100

Monday, March 14, 2022 at 8:25 a.m.

At approximately 10:00 pm on March 12, 2022, the Spokane Fire Department (SFD) responded to the 2400 block of North Hamilton St. for a report of a possible structure fire.

Tower 2 from the nearby Logan neighborhood fire station arrived minutes after dispatch and reported light smoke coming from a 3 unit apartment structure. After an initial investigation, the fire was discovered in the bedroom of the second-floor unit of the apartment. The incident was upgraded to a working fire to ensure additional resources responded to the scene.

Firefighters forced entry into the structure to search for occupants and locate the bulk of fire for fire attack. The fire was quickly confined to one room and extinguished, preventing the spread to other areas of the building. Firefighters from Tower 2 executed a quick and aggressive search of the entire building to ensure all occupants had made it out. At the same time, Engine 15 led a coordinated fire attack with ventilation crews. 11 fire apparatus along with 30 firefighters responded to fight the fire. The fire was contained and extinguished within 15 minutes of units arriving on the scene.

No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported. The origin and cause of the fire are under investigation by the SFD Fire Special Investigation Unit (SIU).

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