Chair: Joe Carter, hnc.hillyard.chair@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Luke Tolley, Luke.Tolley@gmail.com

Secretary: Needed.

Meetings: 4th Thursday of the month - 6:30 p.m., Virtual, see Neighborhood Calendar for details.

Community Assembly Representative: Luke Tolley, luke.tolley@gmail.com, 509.475.3509

Community Assembly Representative Alternate: Needed

Staff Liaison: Annie Deasy, adeasy@spokanecity.org, 509.625.6343

Clean Up Coordinator: Karl Knutson, Knutsonkarl@hotmail.com, 509.222.0568

City Council District: District 1

City Council Representatives: Michael Cathcart, mcathcart@spokanecity.org; Jonathan Bingle, jbingle@spokanecity.org

Code Enforcement Officer: Deb Logan, dlogan@spokanecity.org, 509.625.6857

Neighborhood Parks: St. Patrick's Park, James J. Hill Park, Wildhorse Park, Harmon Park, Hillyard Park, Loren Kondo Park

Neighborhood Attractions: Esmeralda Golf Course

Neighborhood Links:

Neighborhood Boundaries:

  • North: Spokane City Limits
  • West: Crestline
  • South: Wellesley to Haven, South on Haven to Garland, East on Garland to Market, South on Market to Garnet
  • East: Spokane City Limits

View the Hillyard Neighborhood Map (PDF 468 KB).