Greater Hillyard

Bemiss, Hillyard and Whitman Neighborhoods

For the purpose of neighborhood planning, Bemiss, Hillyard and Whitman neighborhoods of Northeast Spokane joined together as “Greater Hillyard” to take advantage of existing organizations, and to address the area's common location, culture, history, problems and economy. They called their new organization the Greater Hillyard Northeast Planning Alliance or GHNEPA.GHNEPA produced a strategic plan with the assistance of Eastern Washington University professors and students called the GHNEPA Report and Final Proposals (PDF 1 MB) in July 2010. GHNEPA had a very active and engaged stakeholder team which was supported by the three neighborhood councils, the Greater Hillyard Business Association and the Hillyard Community Development Steering Committee.

Contact Information

Tirrell Black
Planner, Neighborhood & Planning Services
City of Spokane