Mobile Speed Feedback Program

NOTE: If you are concerned with speeding in your area, contact the Spokane Police Department's Traffic Unit Hotline (509.625.4150). If there is property or vehicle damage, contact Spokane County's Crime Check (509.456.2233).

The City of Spokane has six mobile speed feedback signs placed throughout the city by the request of Neighborhood Councils. The signs show drivers how quickly they are moving and collect speed data. Speed data is then reported to the neighborhood at the end of each program year. These signs were purchased through funding designated through the Traffic Calming Program.

Signs are placed for a two-week period beginning and ending on Monday unless affected by holidays. Neighborhood Councils may choose where and when signs are placed.

Mobile Speed Feedback Graphic

Each February, the Office of Neighborhood Services will ask the Neighborhood Councils for locations and dates, due by April 1. You may work through your Neighborhood Council to place a sign in an area of concern.

Tips to keep in mind while deciding a location or date for sign placement:

  • Do not schedule sign placement in or around construction zones. Signs around construction zones will result in inaccurate data collection that will not be representative of traffic flow.
  • Be aware of the most effective dates for sign placement. If you use a sign in July or August, it will not be effective to target school area traffic. In this example neighborhood events, parks or other destinations would be more effective.
  • Do not place signs near controlled intersections or directly after a curve. Signs are not effective when traffic is accelerating or slowing down due to an adjacent intersection or curve in the road.
  • Only place signs in the public right of way where there is adequate space to allow for placement of the signs. Our signs are roughly the size of a small passenger vehicle.
  • Do not request signs on sidewalks or private property without permission of the property owner. All property owner signatures must be submitted before we can place signs.
  • Please identify which direction you wish the sign to face. Our signs only impact one direction of traffic. If a direction is not chosen, the placement crew will decide which direction the sign will face.
  • Let us know on the schedule if your neighborhood or district wishes to allow call-in requests to adjust the sign schedule. We receive many requests throughout the year from citizens concerned about speeding.
  • Choose new locations throughout the schedule to maximize effectiveness of the signs. Placing the signs at the same location will reduce their effectiveness.

We may shorten or cancel use of a speed sign in a neighborhood if one of the signs are vandalized or damaged. If this occurs, the Office of Neighborhood Services will contact you to discuss rescheduling options if signs are available.