Stage 2 Snow Event Ends

Browne's Addition scheduled to be plowed

Julie Happy, 509.625.7773,

Saturday, December 26, 2015 at 10:50 a.m.

All City streets have been plowed, ending the Stage 2 snow event declared Monday evening, Dec. 21. Browne’s Addition is scheduled to be plowed Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 29 – 30, ending the City plowing of all residential streets.

The City declared a Stage 2 snow event Monday evening, Dec. 21, prompting an all-city plow. The City has more than 700 residential lane miles and over 250 arterial lane miles. A full-city plow takes approximately four days to complete.

A Stage Two Snow Event is declared when:

  • Six inches of snow are on the ground and more are anticipated during the current snow event.

Browne’s Addition plow schedule:

  • Tuesday, December 29, 9 a.m., north and south streets
  • Wednesday 30, 9 a.m., east and west streets

Signs will be placed at the entrances of Browne’s Addition announcing the plowing schedule. No parking is in place for Browne’s Addition during the plow schedule to allow room for the plows. Cars not moved off the street will be towed.

Further snow information: