City Reintroduces Give Real Change, Hope Works

Julie Happy, 509.625.7773

Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 9:23 a.m.

Spokane Mayor David Condon along with agency partners shared today the need for programs such as Give Real Change and Hope Works. These programs are designed to look at giving in a different and better way. These programs serve to ensure that every man, woman and child who experiences homelessness in the city of Spokane has an alternative to living on the streets.

The Point in-Time Count this year presented a clearer picture of who is experiencing homelessness within our community. Everybody Counts showed that it takes everybody in the community pulling together to donate resources, share their time, provide work, or help direct someone to the resources they need, to make a difference for those experiencing homeless.

The success of Give Real Change and Hope works is a collaborative partnership of more than 30 community partner organizations working together to connect our vulnerable community members to appropriate resources as quickly as possible. More than $15,000 has been donated to Give Real Change and Hope Works has begun taking people experiencing homelessness to day-labor jobs a couple days a week.

“Nonprofits, foundations, businesses, individuals, faith-based community, service providers, and government at all levels are continuing this effort to find resources and work for our community members experiencing homeless,” Condon said. “It takes everybody seeing the human behind the person experiencing homeless and doing what they can to create a healthy housed community.”

Orange meters that accept credit cards, cash or change donations have been placed around the City, at the airport, and in the STA Plaza to help prevent and end homelessness in Spokane. Street signs have also been placed promoting giving to services by calling 311 or directing those in need to services by calling 211.

“Giving to programs allows someone to know the donation is helping the person experiencing homelessness,” said Neighborhood and Business Services Director Dawn Kinder, “Money goes directly to the coordinated care system that helps many individuals. A little can go a long way toward housing and feeding those who need it most.”

Community providers such as SNAP, Goodwill, Transitions, House of Charity, Hope Works, Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, DSP, Volunteers of America, City, and area businesses all came together to make this program a success supporting dignity for all human beings by asking that all human beings have a way to find their basic human need for food, shelter and work.