Mayor to Convene Task Force to Consider Expansion of Salary Review Work

Marlene Feist, Interim Communications Director, 509.625.6505

Friday, October 5, 2018 at 12:36 p.m.

Spokane Mayor David Condon today announced that he is convening a task force to consider expanding the work of the Salary Review Commission and other changes that would help the City remain a competitive employer now and into the future. The City’s Joint Administration-Council Strategic Plan identifies work to establish a 21st Century Workforce as an important goal; the work of this task force is part of that effort.

“Our citizens deserve smart, competent, and qualified professionals to steward public dollars and ensure excellent service delivery,” says Mayor Condon. “We also want a diverse workforce that represents our community.”

The Salary Review Commission sets salaries for the City’s elected officials, and the Mayor has suggested expanding its authority to set salaries for top-level directors. The task force would review that recommendation and also whether the Salary Review Commission should expand its review to total compensation – salary and benefits – instead of salary alone.

The task force will include two members from the existing Salary Review Commission as well City Council Members, a representative from the Management & Professional Association bargaining unit, and City human resources, legal, and finance professionals. Changes to the Salary Review Commission’s authority and tasks ultimately would require an ordinance change that would need City Council approval.