Council Clothing Drive

Danielle Cossey, 509.625.6255

Friday, October 19, 2018 at 2:37 p.m.

Bring warm hats, coats, gloves, wool socks, and sleeping bags to the City Council meeting on Monday, October 22. Council Member Kate Burke and Council Member Karen Stratton have asked that used or new donations be brought to City Hall to be donated to our neighbors and friends experiencing homelessness. The donation drive will start at the Monday, October 22 City Council meeting and continue throughout February. Look for a box on the lower level of City Hall in the Chase Gallery during Council meetings, and up by the Security Desk on the first floor during regular business hours.

Council Member Kate Burke calls for, “Spokane to come together and help keep those that are forced to sleep outside in this chilly weather – warm. Council Member Karen Stratton reiterates that, “our neighbors are freezing on our streets and helping to keep them warm is the very least we can do.”

Please come to the City Council meeting on Monday, October 22 with warm clothing and sleeping bag donations. Spokane is getting cold and there are many people without shelter who depend on donations of warm items to keep them warm.