Citizens Give Real Change to Truth Ministries

Give Real Change to those experiencing homelessness.

Julie Happy, 509.625.7773

Friday, April 26, 2019 at 4:56 p.m.

Today, the City recognized the efforts of Truth Ministries to help shelter and provide services for those experiencing homelessness. Marty McKinney received the $1500.00 Give Real Change check for Truth Ministries.

“Last week we opened the Spokane Resource Center, a HUD EnVision Center to help those on the verge of experiencing homelessness find the services they need to help them stay in their home,” said Mayor David Condon, “Today, we are here to give a Give Real Change check to an agency that steps up to help members in our community get on a pathway to stability and permanent housing.

“People leave here and call back to tell us how grateful they are for the services and help they received while finding a place to shelter,” said Marty McKinney, Truth Ministries, “It costs $2.00 a night for a person in a bed, donations go a long way to help with basic needs these folks have.”

Give Real Change continues to be a City supported campaign for donating to services versus to individuals. Funds collected over the 2018 year go towards the 24/7 shelter model system providing housing for those experiencing homelessness. Donations can be given by calling 311 and donating over the phone, adding a donation when paying your City Utility bill, or at orange meters located throughout the City.

Today’s check presentation can be found online!