Mayor Condon’s Transition Plan Connects Mayor-Elect With City Staff

Fianna Dickson, Transition Communications Manager, 509.435.1866

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at 11:46 a.m.

Spokane Mayor David Condon is implementing a collaborative transition process designed to facilitate the continued momentum of the City of Spokane, its employees, and the administration. As part of this plan, ahead of the election, the Mayor has refreshed an office space on the 5th floor of City Hall for the Mayor-Elect.

View a CityCable 5 video about accommodating the Mayor-Elect in City Hall.

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“We are focused facilitating an efficient, collaborative, and resilient transition,” said Mayor Condon. “We have outlined many opportunities for the Mayor-Elect to meet with City staff, attend briefings and field days. Our government is built on the smooth and effective transfer of power, and having an office for the Mayor-Elect inside City Hall is an important part of that process.”

In September, Mayor Condon released a final 100-day transition plan that connects City employees with new leadership, provides opportunities to review current programs and outcomes, and reports on the successes of One Spokane – the joint Administration-Council strategic plan. The Mayor will release the One Spokane Progress Report early next week, outlining major accomplishments of the City’s employees and the community toward the strategic plan goals.

“I believe when people read the report, they will be as proud of Spokane as I am,” the Mayor said. “Crime is down, household incomes are up, and major investments are improving our streets, our parks, and our libraries. We need to celebrate those results.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Condon is maintaining his focus forward and the City’s pace toward ongoing goals and projects. The Mayor released his proposed 2020 City Budget last week, while also outlining plans for the snow season and moving ahead with implementation of the winter plan for those experiencing homelessness.

The Mayor has named City Administrator Theresa Sanders to serve as the lead for the transition for his administration; she will collect information relevant to the transition through the following email account: