City Completes Full-City Plow Jan. 21

Kirstin Davis - (509) 625-7773

Sunday, January 21, 2024 at 2:37 p.m.

The City of Spokane completed work today, Jan. 21st on the Full-City Plow. The plow and street maintenance effort began Wednesday, Jan. 17th with significant snowfall in Spokane requiring crews to maintain priority routes for 24 hours. Work then transitioned into a full-city response the morning of Jan. 18th and crews needed to return to some arterials at times as weather changed. Public Works departments teamed up to meet the goal of plowing 2,200 lane miles of City streets. Residents who note that their block was missed can report it by calling 311. 

City snow crews remain in winter operations, working seven days a week monitoring weather and street conditions. Warmer temperatures may cause urban flooding and more.

Higher temperatures and rain will begin melting the large amount of snowfall and compact ice throughout the City of Spokane. Street Department crews continue to focus on main arterials, hills, and respond to problem areas with sand and deicing. City Wastewater Management crews will work with snow response crews to clear storm drains that could cause standing water on arterials.

Significant snowfall levels followed by rising temperatures create a challenge for runoff to enter the stormwater collection system. Drains clogged with snow, ice, or other debris may cause localized flooding problems over the coming days.

Here’s How You Can Help
There are about 12,000 storm drains in the City and crews won’t be able to get to each one. Residents can help minimize pooling water in their neighborhoods by clearing away snow and debris from nearby storm drains to provide an easier path for excess water flow to the grates.