Council Member Dillon Champions Ordinance Clarifying Parking Lot Uses in Centers and Corridors

Ginny Ramos, Legislative Assistant,

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 8:24 a.m.

During Monday’s Legislative Session, City Council voted on an ordinance clarifying parking lot uses in Centers and Corridors.  On February 1, 2024, an Administrative Zoning Determination (AZD) was issued according to Spokane Municipal Code (SMC) 17A.050.020 relating to the use of the term “Public Parking Lot” in Table 17C.120.100-1.  The AZD suggests that additional clarification by the City Council on defining the term “Public Parking Lot” is needed to administer the zoning code properly.

“Land use policy is inextricably linked to climate policy, and at a local level, this is the primary way we can help with that,” said Council Member Paul Dillon. Spokane is doing so much exciting work on climate, and focusing our neighborhoods on people, not just parking, is an important tool to set us on the best foot forward. Our centers and corridors are about climate, walkability, and reducing traffic.” 

This interim ordinance adopts the definition suggested by the AZD.  Subsequent work by the Planning department will include a process to identify a permanent adjustment to the code, which could consist of several options, including:

  • Permanently adopting the definition provided in the interim ordinance.
  • Adjusting the definition of Public Parking Lot based on engagement.
  • Modify references to Public Parking Lot to use other terms in Title 17 with definitions already provided.

This was prompted by the immediate need for greater clarity to support the administering of the zoning code. It will come before the Planning Commission as Council works to adopt it into code permanently.

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