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Neighborhood Traffic Calming projects begin

Jackie Caro, Community Programs Coordinator, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 3:51 p.m.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming projects begin

The Traffic Calming Projects that were applied for and approved in 2013 are beginning to be constructed throughout the neighborhoods. These projects were put on hold at the end of last year's construction season due to weather.

Projects include:

District 1:

  • Driver speed feedback signs on Cook St. between Garland Ave. and Rockwell Ave.
  • Sidewalks and curb ramps along Jackson Ave. between Perry St. and Columbus St.

District 2:

  • Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at 18th and Grand Blvd.
  • Crosswalk at Arthur and Rockwood
  • Curb ramps and pedestrian bulb outs at Walnut St. and & 7th Ave.
  • Sidewalk along D St. between 19th Ave and 17th Ave.
  • Sidewalk along Bernard St. between 29th Ave. and ½ block south of 31st Ave.

District 3:

  • Sidewalk on Adams St. from Mansfield Ave to Alley
  • Sidewalk on Madison from Mansfield Ave. to Alley
  • Driver speed feedback signs on Garland between Stevens St. and Madison St.

The 2014 Traffic Calming Application projects are currently in design to go forward for construction late in the 2015 construction season. See list of those projects.

For the fifth year of accepting Traffic Calming applications, the City received 25 applications from the neighborhood councils - 13 for residential streets and 12 for arterial streets. See a summary of the 2015 applications received from the neighborhood council's.

Each year, the neighborhoods come up with ideas of locations and projects to apply for traffic calming funds. The program has successfully funded nearly 57 total projects ranging from traffic circles and bump-outs to crosswalks and sidewalks. The funds that support the program come from the Photo Red Light violator infractions.

If you would like to know how you can apply for traffic calming projects in your neighborhood, contact me at jcaro@spokanecity.org or 509.625.6733.

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