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Youth & Police Initiative offers an amazing experience

Jennifer DeRuwe, Spokane Police Department, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 10:36 a.m.

Youth & Police Initiative offers an amazing experience

Police. Youth. One room. Five days. Inspirational. Enlightening. Honest. Seven words to explain the Spokane Police Youth & Police Initiative (YPI).

When at-risk high school students open up and have honest dialogue about issues they are facing, are allowed to share their stories and learn about the men and women behind the badge, anything is possible. Thanks to the Youth & Police Initiative, officers and at-risk teens meet for a week to break down barriers and stereotypes and have honest conversations about issues facing youth and the role of law enforcement. Kids get to "know" what lies behind the badge - it's truly an amazing experience.

The ultimate goal of YPI is to break the cycle of mutual distrust that commonly exists between youth and police. The reciprocal sharing of life experiences as well as goals and dreams humanizes their relationship and shows them how much they have in common.

Youth are selected by local community leaders to participate in the program and police officers attend each session. Patrol officers in each of the selected neighborhoods also meet and interact with the youth during workshops.

If you'd like more information about YPI, contact me at 509.209.7178 or

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