Jessica Fisher

Are you opening a restaurant in Spokane?

Jessica Fisher, Business and Developer Services, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 4:11 p.m.

Are you opening a restaurant in Spokane?

The City of Spokane is launching the first in a series of “Get Started” sections to our website very soon. The first will act as a guide to opening a full service restaurant, expresso stand or bar in Spokane! In the future, Get Started will help local entrepreneurs looking to open other types of businesses as well.

Restaurateurs will be guided through city, county, state and federal requirements when opening a restaurant. The website also includes templates, worksheets and examples of successful projects. You can find information to assist you in planning, choosing locations and licensing for your new business.

The City of Spokane is working in partnership with the Department of Commerce, Spokane County Health District, City of Spokane Valley, state of Washington and the restaurant community to make these resources as helpful as possible. When you use the Get Started service with us, please share your experience with the site by commenting below or contacting the Development Services Center at 509.625.6300.

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