Rachel Osgood

Keepers of Manito

Rachel Osgood, Parks and Recreation Marketing Intern, No Phone Number Available

Friday, October 9, 2015 at 4:26 p.m.

Keepers of Manito

We love our parks and we love our people! Manito is one of Spokane's premiere parks and we would like to partner with the community in caring for this urban oasis. A local Mecca for commercial filming and wedding photo shoots, such privileges require reservations and permits to help manage the traffic of the area. All other still photography is allowed anywhere except the conservatory and Japanese Garden, as this disrupts the flow and tranquility of guests experiences.

The idyllic ponds and aromatic flowerbeds are lovingly maintained to keep the park a sanctuary for all visitors. As such, Manito gardeners ask that people stay out of the ponds and beds, electing to stroll among them rather than through them. The park welcomes visitors and their canine friends, but ask that dogs be kept on a leash so they can help keep the park a pristine destination for their walks.   

The magic of Manito is created by 9 year-round and 15 seasonal employees, putting their green thumbs to work in the five major gardens, conservatory, buildings, Manito Boulevard, and the rest of the 90 acres of park space. Manito gardeners also nurture the greenhouses where the annual flowering plants are grown for all local parks and golf courses. Three staff members work full time to maintain Duncan Garden, requiring all hands on deck during the spring planting of over 35,000 annuals.

The Friends of Manito volunteers put in a tremendous amount of work, mostly focused on their two yearly plant sales. The proceeds from the plant sales go toward projects in the park such as the new gazebo going in at Rose Hill right now.

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