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Project on 37th Avenue will improve safety near three schools

Julie Happy, Division Communication Manager of Business and Developer Services, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 4:05 p.m.

Project on 37th Avenue will improve safety near three schools

This construction season, following work on Havana Street, more improvements are coming to the Southgate and Lincoln Heights area. A project on 37th Avenue will be combined with Hazel's Creek downstream stormwater improvements.

The work will cover 37th Avenue between Regal and Custer Street and 1,500 feet of Freya Street south of 37th Avenue. Once finished, the project will greatly improve safety in an area where three schools are adjacent to the roadway. In fact, kids from those schools came to our neighborhood outreach meeting on this project to let us know how important the bike lanes, which are included in the improvements, were to them.

Here are some highlights of the combined projects:

  • Install key water main
  • Replace old water main
  • Replace failing stormwater system
  • Improve stormwater treatment
  • Complete sidewalk network along school corridor
  • Complete a gap in the bicycle network
  • Pavement replacement

For a more details, check out the 37th Ave. & Hazel's Creek Stormwater Improvements presentation or visit the project page.

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