Blog Posts for November 2016

Nov. 22

City strives for affordable, predictable utility rates

2:28 p.m. - 2017 utility bills will rise by 25-year average cost of inflation

Nov. 17

Restaurant Success Story: Nudo Ramen House

3:26 p.m. - Nudo Ramen House is part of Spokane's amazing family of restaurants, and we want YOUR new restaurant to be the latest member

Nov. 16

Division Gateway Improvements

7:33 a.m. - Pedestrian improvements for Division Street.

Nov. 10

Are You Ready For Snow Season?

10:08 a.m. - City of Spokane announces 2016-2017 snow removal plan

Nov. 8

City of Spokane Begins annual Fall Leaf Pickup

4:23 p.m. - Watch 1:37 - The City of Spokane’s Leaf pickup schedule begins Wednesday, November 9.

Hip Look for Main Avenue Celebrated

4:05 p.m. - Watch 15:46 - New streetscape on Main near Division enhances appeal for pedestrians and businesses.

Nov. 7

Downtown Parking Meters: What You Should Know

8:53 a.m. - On Oct. 31, the City Council passed a resolution seeking to improve parking in the downtown core for shoppers and visitors.

Nov. 1

City of Spokane Announces 24/7 Shelter System

3:54 p.m. - Shelter access will now be available 24/7.