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State of the City is Optimistic

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Monday, February 11, 2019 at 5:19 p.m.

State of the City is Optimistic

Last fall, the City of Spokane held an interactive town hall meeting, with thousands of Spokane citizens joining the conversation over the phone, the web, and on social media.

We asked these citizens to tell us if they were optimistic about Spokane’s future, and a very strong 77 percent of respondents told us they were very or somewhat optimistic about where we are going as a community. Optimism is an interesting concept, really a feeling of hopefulness and confidence in what lies ahead.  

Entering his eighth and final year at the helm of the City, Mayor David Condon explored what makes him—and our community—optimistic about Spokane during his annual State of the City Address in early February.

The City has accomplished a lot over the past year, focused on delivering results outlined in the joint Administration-City Council 6-Year Strategic Plan. The six year plan is a transparent, outcome-driven plan that strategically advances the city's economic vitality. These goals fit into four categories, Safe & Healthy, Urban Experience, Innovative Infrastructure, and Sustainable Resources.

We’re excited about what’s been done and what is still to be delivered. We are making investments in infrastructure, parks, our river, downtown, business corridors, schools and neighborhoods that will last for generations. These investments are leading to outcomes like increased median household income, growth in property values, and improved outcomes for those who interact with police and firefighters.

When we are optimistic, we dream bigger and deliver more, the Mayor says. Together, we are growing, lifting up families, and creating this incredible City where people want to live, work, and play—a City that is smarter, safer, and healthier.

You can watch the Mayor’s entire State of the City Address on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, or on CityCable 5.

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